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Friday, 12 October 2012

Introducing Sailor Luceo... Naked!

Well this is my first ever OC. I am a big fan of Sailor Moon and thanks to her I became an artist. I remember that Luceo years ago was SOOO different than he does look like now lol He was more like cute lil` boy then a big muscle hunk. So well this is Sailor Luceo in his final Galaxy form. I`m kinda happy how does he looks like now, cause his appearance`ve been changing a loads of time. So he`s not a Daddy lol just his hair is white like most senshi in its form. Enjoy~
Sailor Luceo in his full costume.
Sailor Luceo without bracelets.
Mr Luceo naked but still soft ;)
Mr Luceo is really hard!!!
Naked with bracelets.

Thats all for today, almost falling on my keyboard lol Hope you like it ;)

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